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Nizhny Novgorod
Welcome to the Nizhny Novgorod region



Regional event «Night of Museums»

Regional event «Night of Museums» is a part of the International one held annually in more than 45 countries in Europe: France, Italy, Sweden, the UK, Norway, Belgium, Denmark, etc. at the same time. Once a year more than 5,000 museums open their doors to visitors in the evening and at night offering general public all the best and most interesting. More than 50 museums (state, municipal, private, departmental) of Nizhny Novgorod and region as well as galleries and exhibition centers take part in the event. Museums arrange their activities in an individual way representing to guests unique museum exhibits stored in the museum collections, revealing their secrets, and telling mysterious stories connected with them.

20 may 2017

Gastronomic festival «Arzamas goose»

The peculiarity of this festival is a combination of professional skills of participants and a good appetite of guests! And what is more — songs and dances! It is clear by its name that a goose is something that the festival cannot do without. Gus is cooked as seafood and with porridge; it is cut in the competition and, finally, the main Goose swims on the surface of the lake. The festival gathers more than 20 chefs from Nizhny Novgorod and Nizhny Novgorod oblast to participate in a culinary battle. Various competitions are offered to the partiipants as well as workshops where the secrets of restaurant business are unlocked. Professionals conduct workshops after which all guests of the festival can treat the benefits.

21 may 2017

All-Russian Pushkin poetry festival

• All-Russian Pushkin poetry festival, Nizhny Novgorod oblast, Bolshoe Boldino By tradition, in Bolshoe Boldino on the first Sunday of June the admirers of the great Russian poet gather together. Everyone interested can become a participant of meet-the-artist sessions with Russian poets and writers, visit A.S. Pushkin memorial estate, and new exhibitions as well as performances of famous on-stage performance groups from Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and other cities.

02 june 2017

Ancient ceremonial festival «Bathing the horse»

Ancient ceremonial festival «Bathing the horse», Nizhny Novgorod oblast, Sechenovsky district, the settlement of Murzitsy «The farewell to the horse», «Bathing the horse» are ceremonies that are held in the olden-time village of Murzitsy at the end of the Trinity week. It marks the beginning of hay and other agricultural work. In one of the houses a «horse» is equipped: an enormous hoodie is put on a wooden base where a horse's head with rampant mane hair is placed on. Two men stand under it, and so «the horse» obtains a natural shape. The makeshift «horse» walks through the village, to the river Sura in the presence of a huge number of people. From time to time, the «horse» comes to village courtyards where it is treated. Due to visits, the «horse» is becoming more and more cheerful, plays up, dances thereby making everybody excited. At the end of the action the horse is bathed in the river, and then the festival continues.

10 june 2017

Patchwork festival «Patchwork mosaic»

Patchwork festival «Patchwork mosaic», Nizhny Novgorod oblast, Sosnovsky district, Sozonovo The festival is aimed at reviving and preserving utility art traditions and raising the prestige of patchwork. Participants demonstrate all the features of patchwork by making blankets, bedspreads, cushion covers, pinafores, shirts, tablecloths, and rugs. Everything comes out to be bright, light and a bit frivolous. The event is accompanied by a folklore program and participation of teams of countryside culture centers as well as by conducting master classes and exhibitions.

10 june 2017

International festival of folk artistic crafts «Secrets of Masters»

The main participants are master of utility arts from Nizhny Novgorod oblast and other regions of the country. Here at the trade fair you can buy crafted goods or try to create your own. This place can be called the most patriotic festival area as far as folk artistic crafts and Nizhny Novgorod attractions in the form of culinary goods are represented. But at the same time it is an international platform because on-stage performance groups of world cultures play here; the Festival of national cultures is held; everybody meets while dancing international dances, and students from different countries perform their items, etc.

12 june 2017

April 2017